Labrador Retriever & any d......n dog that crosses our path

Rescue of the Hudson Valley    


The Rescuers Creed

I promise I will take your unwanted animals. I will heal their wounds, their diseases, their broken bones. I will give them the medical attention they need and deserve. I will nurture their starvation, and give them a warm place to sleep. I will spay and neuter them vaccinate them against the diseases that can harm them. I will treat them and honor them. I will buy them toys, blankets, balls, and teach them to play.

I will speak softly to them. I will try to teach them not to fear, not to cry, not to fear, and not to hate. I will whisper sweet, kind, gentle words into their ears, while gently trying to stroke their fear, their pain, and their scars away. I will face their emotional scars and give them time to overcome them. I will socialize them, potty train them, teach them to be obedient, show them dignity, and hold their paws, and stroke their ears if they have endured too much and walk them over the Rainbow Bridge, but most of all I will teach them Love.


By Evelyn Colbath

Now that I’m home. Bathed, settled & fed,
all nicely tucked in my warm new bed,
I’d like to open my baggage lest I forget.
There is so much to carry-So much to regret.
Hmm.  Yes there it is, right on the top.
Let’s unpack Loneliness, Heartache and Loss,
and there by my leash hides Fear and Shame.
As I look on these things I tried so hard to leave
I still have to unpack my baggage called Pain,
I loved them, the others, the ones who left me,
But I wasn’t good enough-for they didn’t want me.
Will you add to my baggage? Will you help me unpack?
Or will you just look at my things-And take me right back?
Do you have the time to help me unpack?
To put away my baggage, to never repack?
I pray that you do-I’m so tired you see,
but I do come with baggage-Will you still want me?

Please help. We cannot operate without funds.
If you get a dog through us, a donation to Lab Rescue
would be very much appreciated

Recently our Rescue Organization was left a bequest from the estate of the late Mr. Albert Contento in loving memory of his mother Mae Kraemer Contento, his Aunt Augusta Enders & also Albert Contento. They were all devoted lifelong friends of animals & we & all our four footed second hand babes thank them so much & know they are now reunited with the animals they loved

God Bless you for making it possible for us to do even more for the animals


Here are some pictures of a very special girl.
Her name is Nicole & on her 10th, 11th & 12th birthday
she asked for all her presents to be for my rescue labs.

Nicole is back with her friend Katie They cleaned out their rooms & made bandanas to sell
the $170 raised was given to us for our lucky rescues. 
Then the girls raised $175 from their garage sale.

Their parents must be very proud to have such a wonderful children.
Our second hand labs send a great big thank you for the chews, toys, & biscuits

they enjoy them so much. Thank you Nicole & Katie We love you!

nicole IM001800


Here is C.J & his Mom with their rescue dog Austin
C.J's last birthday presents were all for our rescue dogs
What an unselfish little boy to give up toys for our rescue dogs


 We had a visit from the ARC
They came to play with the rescues and made cookies for them



The following link is a very graphic story of dogs in a kill shelter


Please click here

Please be aware some of the pictures may be disturbing

Update: We spent more than $15,000 on these wonderful dogs! Thanks to Donations from near & far we managed to pay all bills
Thank you to all who contributed!! 
We would not be able to help all these dogs without your help


 For Information on Rescue, Donate or to Adopt
Please Contact: Sarah Muir
845-246-0751 /

For other rescues in CT.
Please Call
Gail & Karl 203-426-6535




Second Hand Labs



Yellow lab mix age 12 years



6 year old black female

Extremely shy but very sweet




6 1/2 months yellow male - Very Sweet!




Gails Rescue's

Currently Gail has



The Following Dogs are waiting for homes
Lab Rescue is acting as a referral only
although we try to list only suitable dogs
we in no way guarantee health or temperament




Contact: Judy Tarasek

Phone: 718-288-1931 Email:


Jack is a Labrador Retriever Mix, 54 sleek lbs, 3-4 years old. He's up to date on all basic vaccinations and HW negative. He knows his basic commands - Sit/Stay, Give Paw, and walks well on a leash. He has a lot of energy and would do well in a house with a yard. He loves to play ball.

He is a bit shy when he first meets you and prefers to approach people rather than have them approach him, so we feel he would be best in a home without children with a lab-experienced owner.

When he gets to know you he is a loving and loyal dog who would make a great pet and loves to gives kisses to his favorite people!

He is currently in a foster home, but we feel that a dog like Jack deserves a forever and loving home!  

Meet Jack and meet your new best friend!!!




Contact: 718-977-1244

13 month old Yellow lab

Sweetest Most adorable and loving lab.  He has the biggest most loving heart you can imagine.

Blue eyes ringes with yellow.

  He is obedience trained, Microchipped.

He is not fond of little dogs but he does well with big dogs





Merri almost always has labs needing homes
Click Here to go to Merri's Page  



Check out some other labs at under Brennan Shelter

or Harrison Shelter at 914-835-3332


Another fine rescue group


Won't someone find it in their heart to give these wonderful animals a loving home for however long they live?
You would be doing such a good thing.


Remember Newman Before

after he arrived from Arkansas Puppy Mill

Hey look at him now He is such a big love

Newman, His new Mom & Grandmaw